May 24, 2006

Visitor Tracking Tools

I wanted to be able to track visitors to blogatech, There are plenty of resources in this area that will let you analyze all sorts of information about your visiting traffic. My choice for this task was StatCounter, a free service that offers tracking options with these features:

  • Invisible or Visible Counter - your choice!
  • Custom Summary Stats based on all your visitors
  • Highly detailed Analysis of your last 100 pageloads
  • Manage multiple sites from one account
  • Email reports
Also lets you find out:
  • What keywords visitors use to find your site
  • Your most popular pages
  • Links used to reach your site
  • What countries your visitors come from
  • How visitors navigate through your site
  • ..and much more
StatCounter is very easy to use. If you want to utilize it with your blogspot hosted weblog, just follow a few steps:

1) Log in to StatCounter and create an account.
2) Answer a list of questions that helps StatCounter generate the code for your blog.
3) Insert the code they provide into your template where they show you.

Your ready to track.

You might want to research some of these other options. I know Site Meter is a popular tracking service:

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