Oct 23, 2009

Great Way to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Use this 2-1/4" round button to get more traffic to your Etsy shop. While you may be experienced with Etsy, most people are not even aware it exists or just how wonderful it is.

By wearing this button you will get people to ask "What is Etsy" and when they do, you have the golden opportunity to tell them about your shop and all the great items you have for sale. Follow up by giving them a business card and watch hits to your site become sales.

Oct 10, 2009

Make Money With Zibbet

If you are an artist or craftsman looking for outlets to sell your wares, be sure to check out Zibbet Live and Handmade. You can get a FREE basic shop with no listing fees or upgrade and and receive all the added features that go along with managing a premium shop.

All your customers transactions are processed through Paypal, one of the safest ways to pay online and they can using any of their major credit cards.

Zibbet provides you with a global market place connecting buyers to your products whether they be handmade goods, FIne Art, vintage items or crafting supplies. If you have tried ebay and got sick of the fees and auction style of selling, I think you will be really pleased with zibbet.