May 28, 2006

Free Content

The key to a successful blog is offering up good content. That can be a challenging task when your blog is new. It would be nice to have a staff of writers at your disposal to fill your blog with interesting reading, but most of us have to depend on ourselves to do this. There is however help available in this area. There are plenty of sources of what I call "free content"

You may have noticed the article of the day in Blogatech's sidebar. This is an example of free content available from The Free Dictionary. They will provide you with javascript code, you place this in your template and it generates a container of information that is updated daily. There are several topic you can choose from:

  • Word of the Day
  • This day in history
  • Today's birthdays
  • In the News
  • Quotation of the Day
  • Match Up
  • Hangman
All of these can be formated to better fit in with your blogs layout and color scheme.
If your have a kids oriented site, surfnetkids has free content also:
  • Daily educational quotations
  • Daily Factoid
  • Daily Chuckle
  • Coloring page of the day
  • Surfing the calendar
Another example of free content would be the scrolling news feed you see in blogatech's right sidebar. (see adding a news scroll to your blog)

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