May 21, 2006

Selecting a Template

The next thing I did from the dashboard was to select one of Bloggers standard templates. In my case I selected Minima. It really doesn't matter which one you select at this point because you can change it at any time.

Having just created your blog you are automaticly taken to the Posting Tab of bloggers Dashboard. I just make a quick title to launch my new blog, such as "A blog is born" and a paragraph in the composition box just so Blogger won't come back and say " you have to make a post first" when I try to view my blog.

At this point you have a standard completed blog. The problem is that it looks like every other blog on the face of the internet that has the Minima template. Here is where the fun comes in. Changing the template to create the look and style that is uniquly yours.

A template is the HTML code and CSS style sheet that orchestrates the look and function of your weblog. If you were competant in the use of HTML you could build a template from scratch but for most of us, myself included we just want to learn a few tricks that will allow us to modify our templates to make them unique.

You can start with a standard Blogger template or one of the many other templates or "skins" as they are sometimes called. The basic layouts are either two column or three column. The standard blogger templates are all two column, although they can be modified to accommodate a third column you are better off finding a basic three column template and working from that. Here are just some of the sites that offer blogger templates for free.

Or here if you want to copy the template I started with:
Once you have found the template you wish to use, highlight the entire text in the template file and copy it. Then go to blogger and log in. From the Dasboard, follow these simple steps to change your template:
  1. Select the radar icon under “change settings”
  2. Select the Tab at the top of the page labeled “Template”
  3. Select the entire text in the box and delete it.
  4. Paste the copied template text into the box.
  5. Click on “Save Template Changes”
  6. If the changes were saved sucessfully, click the black "Republish Button"
  7. Your done.

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Admin said...

you forgot abotu them also, they got good templates

Ket Nonting said...

I've followed your instruction step by step. Why I can't save the template in final procedure?

Stratman said...

Ket, both the blogs you have listed in your profile are using the new Blogger layouts style template and you would have to revert to a Classic style template inorder use most templates that are being offered.

The new Blogger uses XHTML and the error your getting prolly says your code can't be parsed.