Jun 22, 2006

Use Terragen for a Custom Header

Terragen is billed as " photorealistic scenery rendering software, capable of near-photorealistic results for professional landscape visualization, special effects, art and recreation."

In other words it lets you create killer landscape pictures like you see in the movies. Its fairly easy to use, a ton of fun and its FREE! I created the scene above after spending about 30 minutes reading Carol Brooksbanks Tutorial. Its by no means of the quality of those seen in the Terragen user galleries, but not wanting to infringe on any copyrights this is the only example I can offer for now.

Although the software is intimidating at first due to the massive amount of controls offered. It is not difficult to get impressive results quickly, just from the short time I spent with the software I can see how devoting some effort to learning Terragen's interface could lead to the creation of some outstanding images.

Terragen appears to have a large following of digital landscape artists, resulting in quite a few plug-ins and additional resources being available to extend it's capabilities. Checkout how to create a beach scene by Dorothea Beer(Click Here)

As far as blogging, you could easily use Terragen to create a custom header. Just compose the landscape image in Terragen, size it to fit your header, some where around 720px wide by whatever, 200 to 300 pixels high, save your image. Then open it in MS Paint and add your text title and your good to go. (see this post for more info on creating a custom header.)

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