May 28, 2006

Image Resizing

In order for your images to display correctly they have to be sized to fit in the area you want them located. Computer Image dimensions are expressed in pixels. For example, the images that you see in Blogatech's right sidebar have to be 150 pixels in width or less. This sidebar width restriction will depend on what Blogger template you have chosen. On a typical 2 column template the sidebar is a little larger, somewhere around 200 to 250 pixels wide. If you try to place a image that is wider than your sidebar container, the sidebar will drop to the bottom of the page.. It might display correctly in Firefox but when viewed in Explorer it will have dropped. ( see browser compatibility) The height of a sidebar image is not a factor you will need to worry about. Images that you place within a Blogger post are automatically resized when you select small, medium or large from Bloggers "add image" menu. Images placed out side your post in the sidebar or other area of you template will have to be sized manually.

PIXresizer is a handy piece of utility software that I developed for image resizing. It allows proportional resizing of all the major image types(JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP). Feel free you use this utility to re-size all your blog images, remember to bookmark the site for future use.

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