Dec 30, 2006

dPols :: add polls to your site

Adding polls to your blog is a great way to get visitors to interact with your site. is totally free! Every service that the site offers is free of charge. Vote to a poll, create a poll, link a poll to your site - it's all free!

Create polls and vote for free.

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Dec 27, 2006

Blogger Tips #1002

There might be times that you want to display HTML code within a post. The problem is when you type the code in it display as the end result of the code and not the code.

So to get HTML to display as code you have to replace the opening tag symbols:

Display HTML code in Blogger

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Dec 25, 2006

Free Graphics Program

Inkscape is FREE open source vector based graphic program with features comparible to Abobe's Illustrator or Corel Draw. It is available for Linux, Windows & OSX. Images are created in .svg format with features such as transparency, gradients, node editing, pattern fills, PNG export, and more.

This is a great program for producing graphics for your blog. Anything from header banners to favicons. With scalable abilities you can set the page scale to pixels so that you are creating your graphic to the exact size you need.

You can import your photo's in a bitmap format and add text and vector images giving you a capabilities of programs costing hundreds of dollars. Visit their home page to download this free program.

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Dec 19, 2006

User Name and Password

video powered by Metacafe

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Dec 18, 2006

A List of Posts About Creating Custom Headers

Title: Logo and Header

Title: Simple Custom Header

Title: Custom Header Option

Title: Use Terragen to Create a Header

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Dec 17, 2006

Page Rank Testing Tool

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
In order to check page rank of a single web site, web page or a domain name, please enter the web site, web page URL or domain name in the form below and click "Check PR" button:

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

How to improve your Google Page Rank

Dec 16, 2006

Tell a Friend Button

Here is a great way to get more traffic to your site.

Promote your website For FREE With Enable your visitors to refer your website to their friends by sending them an email via a button on your website.

It takes only seconds to install. No programming skills needed. No scripts to install. Simply create a free account, customize your form, select a button and copy and paste a few lines of code to your website.

You can even add your own logo, customize the text of the emails and receive email notifications when your website was referred by a visitor. We have a large selection of stylish buttons to choose from and provide you with stats as well.

I've added one to Blogatech at the bottom of the left sidebar if you would like to see how it works. Send a link to this site to a friend of yours that blogs, I'm sure they can find something interesting here.

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