Dec 18, 2006

A List of Posts About Creating Custom Headers

Title: Logo and Header

Title: Simple Custom Header

Title: Custom Header Option

Title: Use Terragen to Create a Header

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Mike Wagner said...

These entries seem to deal with the old blogger HTML.
Does anyone have the code for the "New Blogger"?

Stratman said...

Yes Mike you are right, all of these posts deal with the "Classic" version of Blogger. Since there have been so many requests a and questions concerning adding a custom header to New Blogger I am working on a post for this and expect to publish it soon so check back.

Lucy said...

I, too, am having issues with my new blogger, everything seems to be stretched now. Where my template is minima lefty, when I add the banner it reverts to minima and stretches all the posts and loses my format. All I changed is the line for header size, width and image url. Any help would be appreciated!

If I take out the banner code, the template reverts back to the minima lefty... and posts are sized correctly and format goes back to normal....grrr. As you can probably tell, I'm a newbie html, so I really have no idea what I'm doing!


Stratman said...

Hey Lucy, I'm not sure how to advise you not knowing what site your having problems with. Your profile shows a blog named "sweet repeats". If this is the blog your trying to add a header to, it has the new Blogger layouts style of template and the instructions here only apply to the old style blogger or what they now call a Classic template. To add a custom header to New Blogger, check out this post