May 24, 2006

Scrolling News Feed

Providing good content is the key to a successful blog. One of the ways I've found to do this is by adding a scrolling News Feed. I'm not a big fan of flash animation in blogs as it can be distracting to readers but I've found the additional content to be worth the distraction in the case of a news feed.

Ticker My Feed is a site that converts any RSS or Atom feed into a scrolling marquee. The size, color, style and subject can all be controlled from menus on their site. Articles can be tailored to whatever subject you want via a Google, Yahoo or even a blog feed. Here is an example using boing boing's Atom feed:

Boing Boing Winner of the 2005 bloggie best blog award

When setting up a news feed you enter the keywords you want to target articles pertaining to your blogs subject matter. Once you set the style and format of the feed, You preview your selections and copy the code that they provide.

Note: if your going to insert a feed into your side bar, make sure the width of your selected feed doesn't exceed that of your sidebar. In my case 150 pixels. Inserting items that are too big can cause the sidebar to drop to the bottom of the page. Especially in MS Explorer. (If your not using FireFox you really should try it.)

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