May 25, 2006

Adding Chat to your Blog

A chat box or tagboard for your blog will let visitors leave you messages or even chat with each other. Cbox is an example of one of the chat boxes that are available for you to add.

The Basic Cbox is free. They offer a premium service with more features that you can subscribe to for a small monthly fee.

The format can be set to fit your sidebar and the after selecting your preferred skin and size, you simply paste the automatically generated code into your sidebar. There are complete instructions on the site.
Other sites that offer chat boxes for blogs:

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Nitin Hindustani said...

Valuable information really. Could do add discussion forum into our blog or not.

khang said...

thanks for this great information. However, cbox pops up an advertisement windows occationally.

kannadamusic said...

Hi, Thanks for your information. But i am searching to Include a forum in my Community Blog is it possible?

Anonymous said...

very nice post

and really valuable information

thanks and keep it up

Markus said...

i was looking for a chat box. thanks for information

dan said...

thanks, im looking for a chat box for my site,

Reni said...

:) I'll try the chatbox on my blog :) I hope that it wont be talking to myself :) Still pretty new to all this :) So thanks for the useful info and links about the chatbox.