May 22, 2006

Navigation Bar

Blogger standard templates automaticly place a navigation bar at the top of your blog. I find it to be a great tool that helps bring traffic to your blog with surfers using the "Next Blog" button as well as giving your visitors an excellent search tool for finding items on your site as well as the Web.

The only change I made for blogatech's Nav Bar was the color, from the default setting of Blue to gray. Some people have asked if its possible to delete the Nav Bar. It is, but I dont recommend doing so. Being a possible violation of Blogger's Terms and Conditions it could result in Blogger closing down your account, although I've never heard of anyone losing their blog because of it.

If you are dead set on getting rid of the Nav Bar. Then just paste the following code in the style section of your Template which begins with <style type="text/css"> and ends with </style>

#navbar-iframe /* Indicating to the Navbar ID */
height: 0px; /* Reducing the height of the Navbar to 0px */
visibility: hidden; /* Reducing the visibility to hidden */
display: none; /* Remove the display option(indirectly hiding it */

This is the latest code needed to hide the Nav Bar in the New Version of blogger. It works in both Classic and Layouts type templates.


Anonymous said...

Any way to just remove the Next Blog link in the Navigation Bar? (Instead of hiding the entire navigation bar)It really does raise issues for school created blogs. Although inappropriate material is blocked while at school--it is usually not the case when accessed from home.

Stratman said...

I don't know of any way to just block the "Next Blog" feature. The Nav Bar is created externally and imported to your template. So as far as I know, you can only show or hide it in it's entirety.

Zhu said...

Sounds silly but... if you remove the navbar, how do you login to your blog ?

Okay, don't make fun of me, it's late !

Stratman said...

I seen several people ask this question in forums. To login you simply go to where there is a login box top right corner. I just bookmark this page and
have firefox remember my login info so I can login with one click.