May 30, 2006

Slide Show

A slide show is a great way to share a collection of photos or graphics on your blog. The above slide show displays graphics I created for Poker Chaos, another blog of mine. gives you an easy way to upload and arrange your photos directly from your computer or the web, and its free. They also have some cool options for your slide presentation:
  • Sliding
  • Fading
  • Pushing
  • Spinna
  • 007
  • Shatter
A slide show could also be used to create a custom header for your blog by incorporating photos with a graphic of your blog name. Instructions for doing this in Blogger are included at After you have created your slide show, the site gives you the code you need to insert the show into your template or post. Be aware that if you want your show to be in a post, or the sidebar, your going to have to change the height and width numbers in the code to a size that will fit.

For example the slide show at the top was originally 800x250 pixels. After inserting the code into this post I just changed the size attributes of width to 400 and height to 125, or half size. If I had not done this the image would have overlaped into the sidebar and made a mess. I also found that when I tried to save this post, Blogger popped up and told me there was a open HTML tag . In this case all I had to do was add the closing tag </embed> at the end of the code provide by and the problem was corrected.

Others sites with slide show software:

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