May 24, 2006

Deleting the About Me Profile

Deleting Bloggers seemingly ever present "About Me" Profile container was next on my list of things to do. Some would say that by providing a profile of yourself you build confidence in your readers but I decided to for go any confidence building in exchange for the originality of a blog without the profile container. Besides, I could always create a post introducing myself along with my scholastic and professional accomplishments at some later date.

So to delete this section of the standard Blogger template just find this little snippet of code towards the end of your template. Highlite it with your mouse and hit the delete key.

<!-- Begin #profile-container -->


<!-- End #profile -->

You will also see quite a few profile selectors in the style section of your template . You can delete these if you want to clean the template up but I just left them. I might someday get a wild hair and decide to put the profile back in.

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