Jun 18, 2008

Using Google Maps in your Posts

Google maps is a great resource, I use it to locate any unfamiliar place that I might be headed to, but did you know you can embed it into your Blogger posts. The map below is not just an image but a full functioning Google map that allows you the to zoom in and out or slide any any direction. Give it a try! Your map can be of any location you wish. For example, say you are blogging about a resent camping trip. You could show a map of the campground and surrounding area.

View Larger Map

It's easy to do. For starters, go to http://maps.google.com/ and type the general location you want a map of into the search box. In the case above I used Washington, D.C. You can then narrow your location by adding an address to your search or zoom in to a location. Once you have the final location showing on your map, click the "Link To This Page" text link at the top right of the map. A pop-up window will appear that gives you two options.

One: Paste link in email or IM
Two: Paste HTML to embed in website

Copy the code in the box below the second option and paste this code into your Blogger post. Your done, it's that easy.