Sep 27, 2006

Monster Blog Sack

What is Monster Blog Sack?

Monster Blog Sack is a unique blog directory and community. The Monster Blog Sack toolbar (Currently FireFox 1.5+ only.) allows you to randomly surf blogs according to your categories of interest. You can sack, tag, share, add to favorites, and search for blogs.

Sacking a blog shares your opinion on it's quality, and lets other community members who share your interests surf your favorite blogs. Have fun reading, learning, writing, and teaching!

Monster Blog Sack Toolbar!

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Sep 26, 2006

Blogger Anatomy

A Blogger template is nothing more than HTML code that arranges and formats the text and images in your blog or any other website. I have taken Douglas Bowman's Minima Template, a standard for Blogger and broken it down into the various blocks of code that control each individual area and color coded them to a visual reference of the browsers display of the code. This can be helpful in finding areas of code that a user might want to change when customizing their blog. This disection of the template is not intended to be a complete course in HTML, but it along with a understanding of some basic html and css can provide you with a lot of control over how your blog displays.
Click here for a larger view along with all notes.

Anatomy of a Blogger template

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Sep 22, 2006

Problem Inserting Images in a Blogger Post

It seems that Blogger has a bug when it comes to inserting images into a post. I thought it was just me but another reader has brought the subject up. If you are in the middle of constructing a post and want to insert a image right here, it should be as simple as placing your cursor at this point and clicking the "add image" icon in the tool bar and automatically have the image code placed in the correct place, but the software seems to place the image at the top of the post every time.

I don't remember Blogger doing this in the past but that's what seems to be happening now. My fix is to go ahead and insert the image, It will be placed at the top of the page. I then go to the edit HTML tab and copy the code that was automatically generated. It will be at the top of the post. I copy this code and paste it within the post where I want the picture to display and then delete the code at the top of the page so the image does not display twice.

I also just went to Blogger Beta and tried to insert a image in the middle of a post and had the same problem. If anyone else out there has had the same problem and found a fix please let us know.

frak, I hope this answers your question. I host this blog to try and help, so I don't mind answering questions when I have the time. I will do some more research on this subject and will post if I find a solution.

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Sep 14, 2006

Blogger Beta

Blogger has introduced a new beta version of its popular blog editing software. The new version is only being offered to a select few but you can create a new account if you want to take the beta version for a spin.

The beta version offers easier ways of customizing your blog with the ability to add elements such as link lists and external javascript into you template from a drag and drop menu. You can also make instant changes to your fonts color and style settings with a WYSIWYG editor.

Another new feature lets you create a private blog where you can limit your viewing audience by a list of e-mail addresses or you can have multiple authors creating posts for your blog. Blogger has also added some fresh new templates, additional feed options and a new dashboard for easier blog management with instant publishing.

My initial impression of the software is that it will give new bloggers a easier way to customize their blog while still allowing greater customizing to those users wanting access to the raw HTML code. I hope to be posting some new blogger beta hacks soon so keep checking back.

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Sep 13, 2006

Organized Chaos

Ok It's official, I'm a total slacker. So slack that I'm changing the title of "Blog of the Week" to "Great Blogs". This way I'm eliminating any self imposed deadlines and the guilt associated with missing them over and over.

This spark of change comes from my stumbling upon a great blog that had me laughing out loud, you really should check it out. Organized Chaos is authored by Nana Roslan and with the help of puss, mei and mamafai they have created a unique layout with great content.

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