Jun 1, 2006

Blog of Week , 05-29-06

This being the first appointment of Blogatech's blog of the week award, I felt it fitting to bestow this soon to be coveted award to none other than the Official Google Blog. As the owner and manager of Blogger and Blogspot, Blogatech would not exist without this companies contribution to the blogging community. I also figured it wouldn't hurt Blogatechs search engine rating if I kissed a little ass. No wonder Google thinks this is a spam blog with nine and soon to be ten variations of the word blog in the first paragraph. I'll never get my word verification turned off at this rate. Back to the subject.

Congratulation Google! Another first to add to your list of achievements.

It is my desire to use Blog of the Week as a reward to up and coming blogs that I think deserve credit. So if your a well established blog, with lots of traffic, I'd like to point out that you were considered for this inaugural award but to point out the obvious, you lost. Even tho I have no intentions of ever naming another well know blog to this position of importance. I could be influenced to alter this policy if you were to link to Blogatech and direct a massive amount of traffic to this site.

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