Jun 3, 2006

Record Traffic Numbers

It's been a little over a week and the writers and staff of blogatech ( me, myself and I), have managed to create a sizeable amount of content for these pages. Hopefully we have answered some readers Blogger questions or inspired them to make a design change to their own blog.

We have spent some time on promotions as well, with URL submissions to all the major and some not so major search engines. We knocked on the door of a few blog directories and even got accepted to Googles Adsense program. You can look forward to articles on all of these processes soon.

With all that said and the truth be known, our traffic numbers really sucked! The Worlds Largest Ball of Twine had more visitors than we did. It's not easy getting people to a new site and I have seen from the past that you have to just keep at it. Build it and they will come. So this is for all the new blog builders out there. Don't expect to make the headlines of your local newspaper the first week of your blogging career. (The next best thing)

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