Jun 12, 2006

Blog of the Week 06-12-06

It's that time again, Blog of the week. I've found a peach of a web log for this issue. The Best Sentence of the Day is another blog penned by a pro. Jane, you remember her don't you. Second grade, Mrs Collins class. Dick's little sister, or was she his girl friend? Hmmm.... don't know. Its been a long road littered with brain cells.

Jane's blog gets the B.O.W award for its outstanding originality and creativity. All you hardcore bloggers will love this one. Simple and smart and text laden No side bar content other that the archives and previous posts. I know, how could Strat like this one, no pictures. Well you know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. I must say, dear Jane has the ability to paint that picture and only uses a small portion of her allotment of words. A true Web Log Diary. Be sure to check out the comments section where she expands on The Best Sentence of the Day.

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