Jun 28, 2006

Custom Header Option

Here is another idea for you guys wanting something other that the stock blogger header. Go to fodey.com and create your Wizard Animation. Then resize the gif image, upload it to a host service and apply it as your header background.
Wizard Animation
You could adjust the size of the wizard image by copying the image to your hard drive and then use PIXresizer to change it's dimentions. For a typical Blogger header I would try a size of 720 x 200 for starters. Then you would upload the new gif image to a hosting service such as image shack. They would give you the new URL that you would place into your template. Here is the portion of the template where I set Blogatech's header background image. The area in red is where you would add the new URL of the Wizard Animation that you obtained from image shack.

#header {
margin:0 auto 0 auto;
height: 200px;
background: url(http://address of the image) no-repeat;
border-bottom:0px dashed #ccc;

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