Jun 30, 2006

More Blog Tools

I added PDF this page and Fax this page buttons to the right side bar. These utilities let you do exactly what they say, Create a PDF file of this site or fax the content of this page to a FAX machine.

At first I wondered why would anyone want to do one of this items, then a application presented itself. I had added Kanoodle ads to Blogatech and they weren't showing up. I contacted Kanoodle and advised them of the problem and their response was "We see them just fine". So I created a PDF file of the site which showed huge gapping holes in the side bar where the ads should display and sent it to them.

I didn't get my problem solved but I was able to determine that Kanoodle and its Brightads program are total bullshit. You would think they would at least respond to my e-mail. I know they visited the site, as their ISP shows on my stat tracking record. Apparently their problem solving flow chart starts with "Blame the problem on the customer" and ends with " Ignore the problem and it will go away". Phew, feels good to get that off my chest.

I haven't used the FAX this page utility but I'm sure I will run across a situation where someone's ISP has gone done and I can use it to fax a web site to them. Maybe I can proxy surf for someone during a hurricane.

Anyway, you can add these features to your blog or you can visit the sites and utilize the service to FAX or PDF any URL you want.


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