Apr 5, 2007

Basic HTML, Creating a Image Link

The basic format for hyperlinking from a image is as follows:

<a href="URL" title="YOUR LINK TITLE"><img src="YOUR PICTURE"S URL" alt="BRIEF DESCRIPTION" /></a>

The above link has several different items you need to add in order to create the link you want. First in red is the URL or address of the page you want to come up if the link is clicked.

The item in orange is not required but can be added to display a text description that displays when a user hovers their cusor over the link. (Try it below on the "read this post" link. Just hold your cursor over the link)

The item in blue is the address of the image that you are using to link from. This is the direct link address a hosting service such as photobucket gives you when you upload your image and it will begin with http://. For more info on hosting and unloading images read this post.

The last item to add is a alternate description for the image. This is for viewers that have images turned off in their browser as well as providing information to search engines that have no way of knowing what a photo or image is without this description.

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