Apr 30, 2007

New Twist on Social Book Marking

Wists works like a visually oriented social bookmarking site. Using a toolbar button added to your browser you can select any image on a webpage and instantly create a thumbnail to associate with a book mark. Once you have compiled a wish list of items like I have, you can add the needed code to embed your list of images to a website or blog. as you add new images your feed is automatically updated.

Using widgets, Wists provides you with several stock formats for your feed or you can customize the output to match your site design. If you click on a image in my display above you are taken to a larger view that shows my complete Wists list and it gives you the option of visiting the site that the image was captured from. You can search other Wists by tags that are applied to every thumbnail that is created.

You could use Wists to create all kinds of visual lists. A birthday wish list or a list of any line of products from any store on the web. Create thumbnail image galleries of your favorite things like I've done above. I'm sure you could find many creative way to use Wists to enhance your blog.

With Wists being in it's beta stage I expect to see many new features added to make it even more useful soon.

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