Jan 13, 2007

Why download Firefox

My visitor logs indicate that the majority of traffic to blogatech is via Internet Explorer's web browser. This only goes to show just how powerful Microsoft's marketing program is.. Having used all the major browsers in the past, I now rely on Mozillas Firefox as my primary browsing tool as it out powers them all in every aspect.

Since different browsers display HTML code differently I still maintain copies of Explorer and Netscape on my desktop so I can verify that changes made to blogatech are compatible across these platforms but I definitely spend 99% of my time on the net running Firefox.

If you haven't tried Firefox just because Explorer was packaged with you computer you really should give it a try. It's totally free and you can still keep Explorer exactly as you have it. Firefox will give you a whole new experience with the internet. With Firefox not only will web pages load faster but your computer will not be subject to many of the security weaknesses of other browsers.

The best part of Firefox is it's thousands of add on features such as Web Developer, a onboard toolbar that gives hundreds of options for viewing different aspects of any web site you visit including your own. It has a HTML and CSS validator, tools for displaying all attributes of page images, graphic outline tools for all major HTML elements, and much more. It's amazing how this one feature makes debugging code so much easier. This alone makes it worth the time to download.

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