Jan 17, 2007

Blogger Tip #1003

If you want to type the copyright symbol © all you have to do is type ALT 0169

Hold down your ALT key and type 0169 on your number pad. Don't use the numbers on top, this only works with the keypad off to the right, and make sure "NUM LOCK" is on.
Link to complete list of ALT Codes

P.S. Instructions for entering Alt Codes on a lap top
Even if you have a laptop or a keyboard with no numeric keypad - you can still use alt codes.

1. Look for a "function" or "fn" key normally near the bottom left of the keyboard.
2. Look for a button with "num lock" written in the same colour which is usually near the top right of the keyboard.
3. While holding "function" press and relase "num lock".
4. Enter alt codes using the method above but to enter the actual numeric alt code use the keys with numbers in the same colour as the function (fn) key. Normally "U" has 4 on it for example.
5. Switch "num lock" off in the same way as you switched it on to continue using your keyboard normally.

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Lynnylu said...

How do you get the copyright symbol on a laptop?