Jan 28, 2007

Publicize Your Blog Feed

FeedBurner's BuzzBoost gives you the means to publicize your feed and cross promote your blogs. BuzzBoost gives you a snipet of Javascript that you paste in your template to display from 1 to all of the current headings of your blog feed. It also gives you the option of displaying the entire html of your posts. I used to have a feed in the sidbar that showed the last five post titles of another blog of mine. It has since been removed following a site remodel but this feature has been tested in Blogger and works fine.

A great way to utilize this feature would be to burn a feed of your own Blogger Beta blog and display the last 10 posts in your sidebar as "Resent Posts" a feature that Blogger no longer has.

Since BuzzBoost can output the full HTML contents of your feed, you could easily use it to create "mobile edition" of your blog. You could even combine multiple BuzzBoost scripts on a single web page to bring related content together.

If you haven't used FeedBurner before it's very simple and free. Just sign-up and create a feed for your blog. You then click on it's title and a series of tab menus come up. Select the publicize tab and you will find details for BuzzBoost.

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