Jan 27, 2007

Google Gadgets

Google has come up with a new program where web developers create gadgets or widgets and then submit them for inclusion in their gadget directory. The gadget is then offered to webmasters and bloggersto use on their sites for free. Here are some of the gadgets in the directory.

  • Nasa Image of the Day
  • Weather by AccuWeather
  • Local Chat Gadget
  • IP Address Lookup
  • Google Videos
  • Bible Verse of the Day
  • Crossword of the Day
  • Chess

  • Pacman
  • Search Ebay
  • Spellcheck
  • Flight Status
  • Currency Converter
  • TV Guide
  • Japanese,Word of the Day
  • NFL Standings

  • This is just a small sampling of the utility and game gadgets available to upload. There are over three thousand included. Check it out, your bound to find a gadget that will enhance your blog.

    Google Gadgets Directory

    Developers, you can find more information on creating and submitting gadgets here.

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    laurence said...

    Hi - you can also submit your gadget to a number of other directories.

    These are non-google hosted and allow you to advertise your gadget (for a cost!)

    my www.ebayongoogle.com gadget has doubled it's users since i advertised on