Sep 13, 2006

Organized Chaos

Ok It's official, I'm a total slacker. So slack that I'm changing the title of "Blog of the Week" to "Great Blogs". This way I'm eliminating any self imposed deadlines and the guilt associated with missing them over and over.

This spark of change comes from my stumbling upon a great blog that had me laughing out loud, you really should check it out. Organized Chaos is authored by Nana Roslan and with the help of puss, mei and mamafai they have created a unique layout with great content.

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FRAK said...

Hey can u go 2 my site..and i wanna know how to get rid off the words above my banner...i used your code nice work...thanks..

and i have a couple more questions if u dont mind..

FRAK said...

Thank you...Another question???

how do i get my favorite links space;

mine look like this;
no what i mean???

FRAK said...

sorry bout the questions, i tryed to read to find out but i did not find it..

how do i post a picture in middle of blog post...(mine always end up on top of post???)
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