Sep 14, 2006

Blogger Beta

Blogger has introduced a new beta version of its popular blog editing software. The new version is only being offered to a select few but you can create a new account if you want to take the beta version for a spin.

The beta version offers easier ways of customizing your blog with the ability to add elements such as link lists and external javascript into you template from a drag and drop menu. You can also make instant changes to your fonts color and style settings with a WYSIWYG editor.

Another new feature lets you create a private blog where you can limit your viewing audience by a list of e-mail addresses or you can have multiple authors creating posts for your blog. Blogger has also added some fresh new templates, additional feed options and a new dashboard for easier blog management with instant publishing.

My initial impression of the software is that it will give new bloggers a easier way to customize their blog while still allowing greater customizing to those users wanting access to the raw HTML code. I hope to be posting some new blogger beta hacks soon so keep checking back.

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