Jul 16, 2006

Creating Tag Clouds

A Tag Cloud is a weighted list or index of keywords that your blog uses. The keywords or tags are categorized by importance by the size of the font. Larger tags having been used more frequently within your posts. When a visitors clicks on one of these tags they are shown a list of posts that this keyword has been used in. (Try the example in the sidebar)

Tag clouds give your visitors a quick visual representation of what's going on in your blog and aid in navigation by providing additional search options. You have probably seen clouds on popular sites like Flickr and Technorati.

I've added a small tag cloud to blogatech's side bar thanks to Zoom Cloud. Their site will let you produce a tag cloud based on any RSS or Atom feed. They are completely customizable and free.

sign up is very fast and the menus will walk you through the set up process. All you need is your site feed. If your using Blogger you automatically have a Atom feed and the feed address can be found under the Settings tab of your Dashboard. If your not using Blogger you can get a RSS feed at Feed Burner.

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