Jul 17, 2006

Blog of the Week 07-17-06

The Reflection in my Irish Eyes is this weeks pick for blog of the week. A personal journal that is the essence of traditional blogging. The young lady that authors this site shares her life experiences and adventures for all to enjoy.

I have to admit that beautiful Irish eyes and flaming red locks leave me quite helpless and could of had an influence in my choice. Still, I found her journal to be quite interesting and will be checking in occasionally to see what's new. I hope you all will as well.

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1 comment:

A chuisle said...

My goodness, how unexpected!!! Thank you so much! You should know that I visit YOUR site at least once a day (barring weekends of course...when i try to have some sort of social life!) I love your blog. It's been so helpful. :)

Have a GREAT day and thanks again, I'm extremely honored!