Jun 18, 2008

Using Google Maps in your Posts

Google maps is a great resource, I use it to locate any unfamiliar place that I might be headed to, but did you know you can embed it into your Blogger posts. The map below is not just an image but a full functioning Google map that allows you the to zoom in and out or slide any any direction. Give it a try! Your map can be of any location you wish. For example, say you are blogging about a resent camping trip. You could show a map of the campground and surrounding area.

View Larger Map

It's easy to do. For starters, go to http://maps.google.com/ and type the general location you want a map of into the search box. In the case above I used Washington, D.C. You can then narrow your location by adding an address to your search or zoom in to a location. Once you have the final location showing on your map, click the "Link To This Page" text link at the top right of the map. A pop-up window will appear that gives you two options.

One: Paste link in email or IM
Two: Paste HTML to embed in website

Copy the code in the box below the second option and paste this code into your Blogger post. Your done, it's that easy.


Pua said...

What a great idea. I will try that for Hawaii vacation locations I have recently listed for Summer deals.

Czar said...

Google Maps really does good things. I guess I will give this a try on my own Blogger blog.

Thanks for the info. It really helps!

shopping cart said...

Thanks. It can be manipulated in many sites like property etc.