Jul 11, 2007

Attention Grabbing Blogger

It's not very often that I find a blog that captures my attention. More often than not, as I'm surfing the blogisphere it seems that every blog post is the same crap re-written and re-worded. It has been passed from blog to blog so many times that when you see it, you start gaging and the race to click the next link you can find is on.

Recently, I stumbled across Gabrielle and the Tech.Chick.Blog. This is not your average blog. I noticed her Mybloglog avatar, which you see a larger version of above. Can't imagine why it caught my attention. Must have been the use of html tags that I'm so used to seeing all day long.

I started watching her photo slide shows while playing online poker. You know the multi-tasking thing. Bad idea. This young lady is so strikingly beautiful and the photographer so creative with composition that I'm sure I lost a hundred bucks in ten minutes due to a lack of concentration.

I also spent some time reading some of her posts, no really I did. She is quite humorous and interesting. If I was still handing out Blogatech's "Blog of the Week" awards. This one would be a winner for sure.

P.S. If your looking for a t-shirt like Gabrielle's, you can find one here.

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Pua Best Hawaii Vacations said...

i always expect a surprise when visiting your blog. nice one for the male bloggers! where is one for the girls? just kidding.

BTW what happened with blogger forum? did they get hacked or something?

thanks for staying in touch with best hawaii vacation blog + all your help to make it a succes. aloha, pua

dan said...

i think the word is "dayum"