May 22, 2007

Angelina Jolie and Ebay To Go

Ok, so you found something cool on Ebay. A sexy photo of Angelina Jolie half naked. Or maybe a genuine home movie of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simson having a wild lesbian affair and you want to incorporate it into your blog. (notice the shameless keyword spamming).

Ebay has come up with a new widget that lets you showcase any active auction. It's really easy to set up. When you find a auction you want to use, simply copy the auction's item number and head to Ebay's To Go Site.

Following the instructions you will be asked if you want to display a single, multiple or search auction widget. You are then prompted to enter the item number or you can browse ebay to select an auction. The next step is to enter a search term for what type item you want to display after the 120 day period when a normal auction is removed from the system. You are then given the code to use to embed the widget on your blog or website. It's that easy and free, check it out.

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Ket Nonting said...

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Puahawaii said...

well, well well, never thought that stratman needs to use this kind of 'strategy' for picking up blog traffic. not blaming you, i guess we all do it. see you at blogger forum. aloha, pua
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*Miss Nice* said...

Nice! Looking forward to reading more helpful tips.