Oct 1, 2006

Put Google Maps on your Blog

Google has created a JavaScript API that lets you embed Google Maps in your blog or web site. Google Maps is a free draggable map for the whole world and displays a street map with directions to any business in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Ireland (city centres only). It is currently in beta testing.

A typical application would be for a food critic's blog where one could describe his dining experiences and the map would provide a location and directions for every restuarant the blogger critiqued. I have put up a sample blog with a few entries based on restaurants located in Wilmington, NC. Here is the Link This blog also incorporates the Google core search where if you click on certain designated items, google search results appear within your blog entry. Click the Movie reviews link in the sample blog to see what I mean. If you would like a copy of the template I used, you can download it here.

Google has in developement several other API's such as the Video Search and Video Bar. You can read all about how to add these cool features to your blog by visiting the developers blog here.His blog was also earmarked as a Blog Of Note on Googles Blogger Buzz.

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